Zoeken naar een geschikte woonruimte kost veel tijd en energie. Hieronder volgen wat tips voor het snel vinden van een geschikte woonruimte.

SSH Student Housing

M-building Maastricht

Do you want an affordable and cozy room in Maastricht. Come and live in the M-building!

This bustling campus is situated at Brouwersweg in Maastricht, An amazing location near to the center. The public transport and several shops are on a walking distance.

SSH offers 150 fully furnished rooms for international and Dutch students. There is a food corner in the building and on the terrain are several recreation facilities.

Besides this, there’s a 24/7 security desk and an excellent cleaning service trough the building. There is a housing officer at location and the service is very personal.

You are surrounded by students from all over the world here in the M-building. You will have the time of your life, Real life starts at SSH!

Find our offers via: https://booking.sshxl.nl/accommodations