INKOM Programma

Het programma van INKOM 2018 is bekend!

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Registrations 10:00-16:00

You have registered yourself for the INKOM during the Registrations. Here you have received your INKOM bracelet, your durable INKOM bag, and this programme booklet! The Registrations is also the event where you meet your Mentors and fellow group members. INKOM 2018: Adventure Awaits has officially started!

Welcome to Maastricht 12:30-17:00

Only a five-minute walk away from The Registrations, you will find Welcome to Maastricht. At this event, you will get the chance to get to know your group. Besides, there is an information market, where you can receive all the information needed for your studentlife in Maastricht- ask questions to employees of the university and get acquainted with cultural, political, study and several other organisations. Share some pizza with your group at Domino’s, get a free coffee from Coffeelovers, and enjoy the relaxing music of the Red Bull hummer!

Dinner with Mentors 17:00-19:00

Dinner time! Get to know the rest of your group better during a nice meal. Your mentors might show their cooking skills and let you experience typical student food. You can also decide to visit one of the many restaurants Maastricht has to offer. It is all up to you and your group!

Opening: Adventure awaits 19:00-23:00

The Opening will be the official start of the INKOM and your student life! At the Markt, the Workgroup INKOM will open INKOM 2018 with a great show. A great party atmosphere is guaranteed so make sure to come to the Opening for an amazing opening of your INKOM! Artists playing during the Opening are: DJ Tjukster, Band with Benefits, Lawineboys, and Dirtcaps. 


College Tour Maastricht 11:30-15:30

During this INKOM activity you have the opportunity to work on your general study skills. Furthermore, many study associations will present to you what they have to offer in the backyard of SBE. You can hand in the coupon that you will find in your INKOMmunication to make use of a nice free brunch to stimulate your brain. Make sure to be there on time to collect your free brunch.

Ozon Festival 14:30-19:00

Haven’t gotten around to a festival this summer? Or looking forward to another one? INKOM provides you with the one and only Ozon Festival! On Tuesday, the Stadspark will be turned in a fairy-tale like city park which you can explore in many different ways. Several student associations will introduce themselves through exciting activities at the Supernova Area, Galaxy Area or Stardust Plaza. Our Universal stage will be filled with student bands and Funky Risotto, who will blow the speakers and turn the park upside down. In for some music in combination with some relaxation? Go to Planet X, where Centrifuge will hit you with some relaxed music while you can enjoy the Desperados Lounge or some food from our stands at Food & Beyond. Finally yet importantly, there are some interesting activities to find at the Milky Way. Are you ready to discover all that our Festival has to offer?!

Pub Crawl 19:00-22:00

On Tuesday evening, the well-known Pub Crawl of the INKOM will take place! Choose one of the routes together with your group and fill your stamp card at the indicated bars. If you are more in for a laid-back drink at one of the bars, you can also just hand in your coupon without following one of the routes:

  • Studentbars: get acquainted with the bars run for and by students!
  • Markt: by following this route, you will get to know the most crowded square of Maastricht during the night.
  • Mini-Brandslang: More into a cultural adventure? Enjoy the famous Brandslang and get your drinks in the bourgondic atmosphere this city has to offer.
  • Platielstraat: this route will show you the small, iconic Platielstraat, where all different inhabitants find their way – especially when the sun is out.

MECC Tuesday: Adventure Awaits 22:00-03:00

The MECC parties is one of the largest student parties of the Netherlands. This night is full of great music, laser shows, and great DJ's. The following artists will play during MECC Tuesday: DJ FRAME, Puinhoop Kollektiv, DJ Jody Bernal, and DJ Paul Elstak! Your adventure awaits!


Adventure Workout 10:30-12:30

Run, jump, dance, balance, bend, stretch, play, hit, kick and have fun! UM SPORT organizes a couple of adventure workouts at the University Sport Centre (USC)
-       Wednesday 10:30-12:30 hrs:  challenge your self during different activities and get to know UM SPORTS’ famous group classes.
-       Friday 10:30-12:30 hrs: a chill morning to prepare for the final day! Choose the Body & mind class or play a game.
The workouts will last 1-1,5 hrs. Please bring sportswear, clean indoor sport shoes and a towel. You can use the changing rooms and showers at the USC.

Picnic down the River 12:30-15:00

Just had an intense Adventure Workout? Or in for a healthy break after the MECC parties? Fill your picnic bag with fresh food at the Market by handing in your coupon and come to the Maaspromenade! Here you can get ready for the rest of the day by enjoying some relaxing tunes offered by The Lab, get re-energized with amazing Coffeelovers coffee and play some beach games with the student association Amphitryon. There are two shifts for the lunch, make sure to stick to these:

  • Group 1 to 140: 12:20 – 13:30
  • Group 141 and up: 13:30 – 14:40

Activities of Choice 15:00-18:00

During the Activities of Choice different student associations, sport associations, fraternities, sororities, and other student organizations present their own activity. This will give you the chance to get to know the association/fraternity/sorority of your choice. Make sure you visit the activity that appeals most to you personally, as you do not have to be with your entire group during this activity. Check the associations program to see what activities you can join!

Night at the Museum 18:00-23:00

Comedy, drama, theatre, opera, dance, art and various other types of acts will be performed in the Bonnenfantenmuseum on Wednesday. The Bonnenfantenmuseum will be turned into a true cultural playground: Night at the Museum! There will be a stage outside with great acts, but make sure you visit the museum to have a look at all the surprise acts and activities which you will find inside! Indulge yourself in the different cultural activities Maastricht has to offer and at the same time enjoy food at the foodmarket. You can get a free meal from the Cato Cato stand as well with your INKOMmunication coupon!


SportsEvent 12:00-16:00

On the fourth day of the INKOM it is time to get active! The University Sports Centre (UM Sports) and the Student Sport Associations will present themselves during the SportsEvent. You will find lots of information about all the Student Sports Associations, workshops and demonstrations. You don’t have to bring your sport gear, you can also just watch all the sports and consider if you are interested in joining these associations. Some Sports Associations will sell food at their stand, where you can pay with cash. Of course you can still buy drinks with your INKOM bracelet! After an intensive beginning, the “third half” will start at 14:30 and you can enjoy a beer at the bar!

Are you interested in continuing sports during your studies, or are you ready to try something new? Then you cannot miss this event!

BBQ 16:00-19:00

It’s time to gain some new energy at the biggest barbecue of Maastricht! At the Onze Lieve Vrouwewal, one hundred BBQ’s will be waiting for you to enjoy some freshly grilled meat. If you are a vegetarian, have a food allergy or are on a special diet, please inform your mentors, because we also have a delicious meal ready for you. The BBQ is divided into two shifts, so be sure to stick to the schedule. Your mentors can pick up your crates of food at the distribution point. At the distribution points, crates with meat, salads and bread will be handed out. Your mentors will then prepare the food on your own barbecue. Due to safety regulations, in case of problems with your barbecue, always go to the Central Post. They will help you. Do not try to fix the problem by yourselves!

Movie Night 19:30-22:30

The Movie Night is an activity that takes place at the same time as the Cantus. If you are younger than 18 years old, or prefer to relax and watch one of the released movies, you can come to Movie Night at Euroscoop Maastricht (Wilhelminasingel 39). There is one cinema room reserved especially for the INKOM.

Cantus (18+) 19:30-22:30

This student tradition and an absolute highlight of the INKOM! During the next three hours you will be swept away by a singing Cantusband. You will find yourself shamelessly singing with the rest of the participants within a few moments. To regulate the Cantus, it is absolutely necessary that everybody respects the Cantus rules, explained in advance. It is wise to wear some old clothes and to protect your valuables from getting wet. You can buy your Cantus pitchers with your bracelet.


Adventure Workout 10:30-12:30

Run, jump, dance, balance, bend, stretch, play, hit, kick and have fun! UM SPORT organizes a couple of adventure workouts at the University Sport Centre (USC)
-       Wednesday 10:30-12:30 hrs:  challenge your self during different activities and get to know UM SPORTS’ famous group classes.
-       Friday 10:30-12:30 hrs: a chill morning to prepare for the final day! Choose the Body & mind class or play a game.
The workouts will last 1-1,5 hrs. Please bring sportswear, clean indoor sport shoes and a towel. You can use the changing rooms and showers at the USC.

Beach Lounge 13:00-17:00

Starting your day with lounging and partying at the beach? During Beach Lounge it’s possible! On Friday we will be enjoying the beautiful scenery at Fun Valley, while listening to relaxing beats by Dominico. Also make sure to pick up your free lunch with a coupon. No need for a lounge, and looking for action? It will be possible to challenge your team at laser tag, paintball and the climbing wall! In case you do not have a bicycle yet it will also be possible to make use of the INKOM shuttle bus. Fun Valley is located at 15 minutes by bicycle from the city center. Shuttle busses will depart from the Maasboulevard (in-between the Onze lieve Vrouwe Wal and Hoge Brug). The first bus will depart at 12:30 hours and the last bus will leave Beach Lounge at 18:00 hours.

Mosae Master and Mosae Master Dinner 14:15-20:00

During Mosae Master, all participants of a Master group (so not the Master students in a bachelor group) get to enjoy two rounds of workshops and a tapas dinner. At 14:30 you will gather at the Central Hall of Centre Céramique. Next, you can visit the first round of workshops which will take place at Centre Céramique and the Bonnefantenmuseum. Visit the INKOM-website for an overview.

After two rounds of interesting workshops, that will be of great advantage when you start your career after finishing your Masters, there will be a drink in the Bonnefantenmuseum. Here, you will have the opportunity to talk to the representatives of the parties that have given a workshop, in an informal atmosphere. Additionally, you can decide to participate in a wine tasting in exchange for 3 coins. The tapas dinner starts after this closing drink.

Dinner of Choice 17:00-19:00

Hungry after Beach Lounge? Several student associations, sport associations, fraternities, sororities, and other student organizations offer meals. Check the associations program to discover all available options. The price and whether a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free alternative is offered will be mentioned in the appendix as well. Please note that some of the associations only accept cash payments.

Comedy Night 18:30-23:00

At the end of the week, it is time to relax and have a good laugh before the last big party, the Heineken Night. We are very proud to present stand-up comedy act ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’. Stranger Things Have Happened improvises based on suggestions from the audience, so success is guaranteed. The event will take place at the Conservatorium.

MECC Friday: Heineken Night 23:00-05:00

Join us for the biggest student party of the year! There is going to be great music and great DJ's which are going to make your night a great adventure! At the top of their game, in combination with coolest lasers, pyro-effects and lightshows our artists will tear our stage up and wow crowds along the way. The artists playing during Heineken Night are: Loud 'n Bright, Rave van Fortuin, The Partysquad, Freddy Moreira, and Dannic.