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Arts and Culture - ORAKEL
ORAKEL is a voluntary study association for arts and culture run by students for students. Our goal is to unite students from all years. In order to achieve this, ORAKEL offers a wide variety of activities: pub quizzes, walk-in dinners, parties, small trips to Amsterdam, Brussels, and even Prague! We want your time at Maastricht University to be memorable.


Biomedical Sciences - Helix

We are the study association for Biomedical Sciences. As a study association, we strive for a high quality of education. Besides this, we organize a lot of interesting & educational activities, as well as parties, for our students to enjoy.


European Studies - Concordantia

Derived from Latin for 'agreement', Concordantia is the European Studies Student Association.  Concordantia's motto is unity in diversity.  By organizing study groups, trips, social events and other activities, our association strives to make student life easier, less chaotic and more enjoyable.


Law - ELSA Maastricht

The largest independent law students' association in the world. With connections all over Europe, ELSA organizes study Trips, private tutoring, seminars and many other activities.


European Public Health - EUnitas

EUnitas is a study association which organizes activities to bring European Public Health students closer together, but also tries to bond with students from other related studies. So if you want to have study advantages, but also a good time with your fellow students, you should definitely join EUnitas!


Fiscal Students - FIRST Maastricht

FIRST Maastricht offers loads of possibilities to fiscal students in Maastricht. The study association connects students to professional organizations, organizes social drinks and a semi-annual study trip. Furthermore, it keeps you posted on all the latest news regarding study-related topics!


Geneeskunde - MSV Pulse

MSV Pulse, de medische studie vereniging, vertegenwoordigd de geneeskunde studenten in Maastricht. We verenigen de studenten middels het organiseren van verschillende leuke activiteiten zoals, feestjes, reizen en sportevenementen. Daarnaast verbreden en verdiepen we het academische leven van de student met activiteiten zoals de Medische Carrièredag, lezingen en skillstrainingen. Verrijk je studenten leven door je aan te sluiten bij de grootste studie vereniging van Maastricht.​


Gezondheidswetenschappen - MSV Santé

Onze vereniging is door en voor GW-studenten, op deze manier kan Santé veel betekenen voor jou. De vereniging houdt zich bezig met zowel onderwijsgerelateerde zaken als leuke activiteiten en feestjes. Binnen Santé zijn er leden van alle jaren, er zijn dus eerstejaars studenten, maar ook studenten met al veel ervaring. Een ding dat voorop staat bij Santé, is dat deze activiteiten geheel vrijblijvend zijn. Je bent altijd welkom, maar je bent nooit verplicht. Daarin verschilt een studievereniging het meest van de befaamde studentenverenigingen. Dit maakt deze activiteiten erg ontspannen en op deze manier leer je mensen kennen die echt enthousiast zijn.

Heb je nog vragen of wil je meer informatie, kom dan gerust langs tijdens de INKOM bij onze stand op Day at the Faculty, of later op onze balie op Universiteitssingel 40!


Knowledge Engineering – Incognito

Incognito is the study association of the department of data science. We want to make sure to our students’ experience at UM will be enhanced and this is why we organize many events, ranging from drinks at the beginning of each block, board game nights, movie nights, LAN parties and so on. We also want to make sure that our students have a successful academic and professional life and this is why we organize tutoring, sales of textbooks, career events, employability workshops and so on. 


Maastricht Science Programme - Aperture

Aperture provides Maastricht Science Programme  students with an array of academic and social activities with the aim of allowing students to further enjoy the familiar atmosphere of a small-scale program, strengthen bonds within the diverse student community and to reach out engaging with and helping society at large. Aperture organizes monthly guest lectures, study (and leisure) trips, parties, as well as book and hoodie sales and serves to lend every student at MSP a hand when in doubts or trouble. 


Midwifery - MSV Hera

Hera, like the goddess, protects and encourages our midwifery students to live their new student lives to the fullest. Not only for useful purposes like discount on books and study material, we also provide the most awesome parties and activities. We warmly welcome you to join our family, to join the fun! 


Psychology - Luna-tik

Luna-tik is the faculty association of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. We are here for all the bachelor and master psychology students in Maastricht. Our aim is to bring psychology students together by organizing a range of activities; including workshops, lectures, parties, city-trips and excursions. Luna-tik is also here for your academic and professional needs. We collaborate with organizations that offer tutoring, internships and workshops. We achieve all of this with the help of our active members, who work together in committees throughout the year. Luna-tik is open to -all psychology students- you can become a member at any time to benefit from everything we offer, for instance: discounts on all our events and the study books!
Becoming a member means that everything is optional and nothing is mandatory. You can choose which activities to join and whether or not you would like to be active in one of the committees.
Make sure to come by at our stand at the Day @ the Uni during the INKOM and walk by our Desk in UNS40 in the Introduction Week. Our Introduction Camp in the first weekend of September will be the perfect opportunity for you to get to know fellow psychology students! If you have any questions beforehand, you can always contact us via e-mail at or message us on Facebook (


Rechten - JFV Ouranos

JFV Ouranos is de grootste vereniging verbonden aan de rechtenfaculteit. Wij zijn een vereniging van rechtenstudenten met veel diverse activiteiten, waaronder de door ons georganiseerde boekenbalies, lezingen, feesten en de Law Student Intro.

Indien u lid bent van JFV Ouranos kunt u uw studieboeken tijdens onze boekenbalies aanschaffen met 10% korting voor nationale boeken en 15% korting voor internationale boeken. Bent u nog geen lid, dan is dit onder andere een reden om lid te worden bij ons! Welke voordelen heeft u nog meer als lid van JFV Ouranos: ten eerste korting op alle activiteiten, en zelfs gratis toegang tot enkele activiteiten, kennis maken met toonaangevende advocatenkantoren en direct een groot netwerk van handige contacten en vrienden in Maastricht.

Kortom, JFV Ouranos is een gezellige vereniging met heel veel voordelen, zonder enige verplichting! Indien u onze activiteiten niet alleen wilt bezoeken, maar ook mee wilt helpen bij het organiseren, stuur dan een email naar onze Commissaris Interne Betrekkingen (



SCOPE is the official study association of the school of Business and Economics (SBE), SCOPE's mission is to add value for the entire student body. In order to support the international student population, the activities organized are based on three main pillars: academic, career and social. The academic activities are planned in order to help students throughout their studies. Whether it is with extra tutorials and exam trainings or attending events such as the Symposium, workshops, guest lectures or study trips, SCOPE will give you the opportunity to gain additional knowledge outside the classroom. The career events give you an opportunity to create a network and kick start your professional life. Throughout the year, career events such as company visits, career days, workshops and various career oriented trips take place. Finally, being student-run associations, SCOPE also understands the need of social events. Therefore SCOPE organizes some of the largest social events in Maastricht throughout the year, such as the SCOPE Winter ball, the Boat Party or the kick-off parties. Becoming a SCOPE member will be your stepping stone to an incredible student life.

The SCOPE framework is divided in 5 associations, all targeting a specific study track:


- The umbrella association


- Management, Marketing, Strategy and Entrepreneurship


- Accounting, Controlling and Finance

SCOPE | Economics

- Economic studies and infonomics

SCOPE | Vectum  

- Econometrics & Operations Research


University College – Universalis

Universalis is the study association for University College Maastricht.

INKOM 2017 - Day @ the Uni
INKOM 2017 - Day @ the Uni
INKOM 2017 - Opening
INKOM 2017 - Opening
INKOM 2017 - Opening
INKOM 2017 - Opening
INKOM 2017 - Welcome to Maastricht
INKOM 2017 - Welcome to Maastricht
INKOM 2017 - Mosae Master
INKOM 2017 - Mosae Master
IN.jpgKOM 2017 - Comedy Night
IN.jpgKOM 2017 - Comedy Night