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Health care and assistance

Everything you need to know as a student about health care facilities.


Under the Health Insurance Act (Zorgverzekeringswet) all residents and/or employees are obliged to be insured (for health). Every health care insurance company in the Netherlands that offers services that are laid down in the Act has a legal obligation to accept anybody who applies for insurance. For the basic insurance package you will have to pay a premium to the insurer. This is known as the nominal premium. Depending on your income and family situation, you may be eligible for an allowance in respect of this premium: the health care allowance. Whether a foreign student is obliged to take out the basic health insurance under the Health Insurance Act depends on the personal situation (place of residence and/or employment). For more information please visit or contact the Dutch authorities.


General Practioners

Maastricht has no special student doctors. That is why, even if you are not ill, often it is wise to get a G.P. (doctor) here in Maastricht. We advise you to choose a G.P. in your neighborhood and write down the telephone number in your diary/agenda, so that you can use it quickly in case of emergency. Make acquaintance with your G.P. as he or she will be your confidant. Same goes for your dentist. Pass on the name of your new dentist/G.P. to your insurance company and do not forget to choose a suitable pharmacist. Attached to this page you will find an overview of all G.P.’s in Maastricht.

The G.P.’s from the Maastricht/Heuvelland region practice during the evening, at night and in the weekends from the General Practice (Huisartsenpost) Maastricht/Heuvelland, are to be found in the first aid department of the azM (Maastricht Hospital). The GGD contributes to the guarding, protection, and promotion of health of the Dutch population. Besides, you can be tested on STD’s at the GGD. When you are not sure if it is necessary to get tested, you can always telephone the GGD. For STD tests you can get help at the office hours of STD outpatient clinic. For this you can telephone 043-8506666 from Monday to Friday from 8.45 – 12.15. Testing at the GGD is free and accessible for everyone.


AzM (Academic hospital)
Visiting address:GGD

P. Debyelaan 25

6229 HX Maastricht

Postal address:
PO box 5800
6202 AZ Maastricht
T 043-3876543


GGD Zuid Limburg
Gelissendomein 8
6229 GJ Maastricht
T 043-8506666



SIRIZ offers counseling and support for women and men coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy, suffering after pregnancy loss, struggling to cope after abortion or expecting a child with a handicap. SIRIZ includes all parties in counseling; father, mother and unborn child are of equal importance. We have a national helpline open 7 days a week (0900-202 1088) and care centers throughout the country. SIRIZ has a shelter which offers temporary accommodation to young (expecting) mothers between 15 and 25 years of age. During their stay in our SIRIZ house the women receive counseling and support. The women are also taught childcare and learn life skills, so that they are equipped to look after themselves and their child. If you need our help please call our national helpline: 0900-202 1088 (€ 0,05/min.) Or send an e-mail to


Visiting address:
Arnhemseweg 23
3811 NN Amersfoort

Postal address:
Postbus 559
3800 AN Amersfoort


Alcohol and drug abuse

Mondriaan zorggroep

Mondriaan Caregroup Division Addictioncare Maastricht/Mergelland (Mondriaan Zorggroep Divisie Verslavingszorg Maastricht/ Mergelland) is active in the Maastricht region with prevention and information regarding alcohol and drugs. The activities of Mondriaan Zorggroep are dependency prevention, answering questions concerning alcohol and other drugs, as well as ambulantory and clinical assistance for problematic users and dependency (alcohol-, drugs-, as well as gamblingaddicts). 

Contact information:
Vijverdalseweg 1
6226 NB Maastricht
T 043-3685288 

Open: Monday till Friday from 08:30 till 12.30 and from 13.30 till 17:30.


for more information about health care; visit

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